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Jaima  Galfi

Jaima Galfi

Financial Advisor

Jaima Galfi is a financial advisor and owner of Monarch Financial Consulting. From a young age she was immersed in the financial services industry watching her dad establish and grow his firm. Years later they partnered together to help clients achieve their financial goals and have confidence in their futures.

Jaima’s professional life began 20 years ago in the same way her father’s did - as an educator. It is that passion for teaching and a continued desire to learn that guides Jaima as she works with clients. The ability to communicate complex topics and relate to a client's needs and goals were skills she cultivated in education. Today, Jaima is honored to help clients reach their wealth goals with caring attention and professional expertise.

Jaima currently resides in Bloomington, Illinois with her two children Riley and Reeve. Together they spend time gardening, creating pollinator habitats, attending swim meets, and relaxing as a family. When she’s not in the office or at home, Jaima volunteers her free time with her children's school, Girl Scouts, and Bella Soul - a non-profit organization that provides support groups and scholarships to college students with chronic illnesses.